The CHHS Data News website provides updates, news, resources, and other information about CHHS data initiatives, including the CHHS Data Playbook, CHHS Open Data Portal, shared Agency data standards, and more.

CHHS Data Playbook

The CHHS Data Playbook is designed to help build an organizational culture focused on data and data-driven decision making. The Playbook is a mechanism to disseminate best practices and lessons learned across the Agency, consisting of resources and toolkits to help staff navigate data projects and discuss data-related topics in nontechnical language.

The Playbook is available on web as well as on GitHub, so that other organizations can leverage and adapt it for their needs.

CHHS Open Data

CHHS launched its Open Data initiative to increase public access to one of the State’s most valuable assets—non-confidential health and human services data.

Its goals are to:

  • spark innovation,
  • promote research and economic opportunities,
  • engage public participation in government,
  • increase transparency, and
  • inform decision-making.

“Open Data” describes data that are freely available, machine-readable, and formatted according to national technical standards to facilitate visibility and reuse of published data.

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